Log Summary in Pexip Infinity v18

In version 18 of Pexip Infinity there is a new Log Summary option that generates a condensed view of the messages in the support log, showing a summary of the call signaling for the current search/filtered log messages, such as a filter on a specific call ID.

How does it work?

When you navigate to Status > Support Log you are presented with all the raw support logging information, and when your diagnosing issues with a specific call (or calls) this can be a difficult to view to navigate.


If you know the call ID of the problematic call you can input it into the search bar to filter all the other support messages out but this will still output in a raw format and can be difficult to follow

In version 18 you can generate a condensed view of the messages by using the Log Summary button (also available from participant history), this will output the call messages in a more readable format with line by line detail on the call signaling flow.