Log Summary in Pexip Infinity v18

In version 18 of Pexip Infinity there is a new Log Summary option that generates a condensed view of the messages in the support log, showing a summary of the call signaling for the current search/filtered log messages, such as a filter on a specific call ID.

How does it work?

When you navigate to Status > Support Log you are presented with all the raw support logging information, and when your diagnosing issues with a specific call (or calls) this can be a difficult to view to navigate.

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Packet Captures in Pexip Infinity v18

Version 18 of Pexip Infinity includes the ability to perform a packet capture directly from the web interface of the management node, you can take a capture to and from Conferencing/Proxy Nodes in one or more locations, and also the Management Node.

Packet Capture Permissions

There are two new permissions associated with captures

  • May create/delete packet capture
  • May download packet capture

These permissions must be assigned to the account role to enable the administrator to run and download a packet capture, these are configured under Users > Administrator Roles

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